Sentinel Hub Climate Change Custom Script Contest

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Organisation: Sentinel Hub

Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contests

Remote sensing is making its way into more and more applications and fields. Tools like the Sentinel Hub EO Browser with its custom scripting allow all people to browse, analyse and visualise satellite data in almost real-time.

Together with our partners, the Euro Data Cube (EDC), the Copernicus EU Earth Observation programme, the European Space Agency, and the World Meteorological Organization we are looking for new and innovative ideas and scripts. Therefore, we have organised a series of the Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contests starting with the first one in Spring 2019 and following with the second one in Winter 2019/2020. In April and May 2020 we organised a special edition of the Contest - the Covid-19 Custom Script Contest. Its aim was to help the world facing huge challenges getting back to ‘normal’ after the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. The success of the series motivated us to continue with the third edition of the Contest in Summer 2020. The last special edition of the contest - Urban Growth in Africa - was organized in May 2021. To learn more about the results of our previous contests, visit the Past Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contests page.

Join the Climate Change Custom Script Contest!

This special edition of the Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contest is organized in partnership with the World Meteorological Organization. The contest started on 15th March 2022 and will end at midnight on 30th June 2022. The objective of this activity is to demonstrate the power of EO data in helping detect the effects of climate change.


Custom Scripts

The organisers would like the Contest to be completely open. Therefore, all submitted scripts will compete under a common category, regardless of which data collection (Sentinels, Landsat, commercial data, etc.) the scripts use. They are particularly interested in scripts demonstrating efficient change detection related to climate change.

Written Stories: “How to best communicate climate change via EO data”

You don’t have the skills to create a script? No problem, write a Story then! Use EO data to write a matching story focusing on how to communicate climate change via EO data. It can include a pin story, but the focus should be on the written story (see the Pin Story guide for more about pin stories).