Workshop on Lump Sum funding in Horizon Europe

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After a first pilot within Horizon 2020 and only a few topics under Work Programmes 2021-2022, lump sum funding will be used on a broader scale for Horizon Europe calls from Work Programmes 2023 and 2024 (up to 30% of the calls across the programme).

A webinar on lump sum funding in Horizon Europe has been organised recently by the European Commission. Through this workshop, the organizers offer you the possibility to hear from peers (coordinators and partners in on-going lump sum projects) the challenges they encountered and the solutions they found during proposal writing, project implementation and reporting. But at the same time we invite you all to also share your experiences and/or to express the challenges you see in lump sum projects.

The workshop will take place in Brussels (on site only) on 29 November. Registration to this event is open until 21st November.