Everglades National Park on World Migratory Bird Day

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Gepubliceerd op 15 oktober 2023

The Everglades National Park is located in southern Florida. It provides a safe haven for migratory birds. This natural wonder is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve, and harbours a diverse range of ecosystems that serve as vital stopovers for various bird species during their seasonal migrations.

Every year, flocks of migratory birds, such as egrets, herons, and many others, travel to this unique wetland to find refuge in its freshwater marshes, mangrove forests, and cypress swamps. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts flock to the park to witness the spectacle of these winged travellers in their natural habitat. The Everglades is a testament to the magnificence of nature and a vital sanctuary for its feathered inhabitants.

The use of imagery from the Copernicus Sentinel satellites, combined with in situ data, is proving to be instrumental in monitoring protected areas and preserving their biodiversity.


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