New air quality data available in Terrascope

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Gepubliceerd op 27 juni 2023

Additional Sentinel-5P data products

Since 2019, BIRA-IASB and VITO have been collaborating on providing gridded daily, monthly, and yearly Sentinel-5P TROPOMI air quality maps. In January 2021 they already released the Sentinel-5P air quality data products for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) via the Terrascope services.

Now, the team is pleased to release two additional air quality products, namely methane (CH4) and formaldehyde (HCHO).  These high-quality data products are of interest to a variety of users, including the general public, health authorities, climate scientists, and policy makers. Discover the four available Sentinel-5P air quality data products via the Terrascope viewer.

  • nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • carbon monoxide (CO)
  • methane (CH4)
  • formaldehyde (HCHO)

Discover the data