Record-high temperatures in the Arctic Circle

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Gepubliceerd op 4 juli 2022

The intense heatwave gripping most of Europe in June 2022 has caused several temperature records to be broken. Even the Arctic Circle has been affected: temperatures in the far north of Norway reached the unprecedented value of 32°C.

This image, acquired by one of the Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellites on 29 June, shows a massive sediment discharge into the Lyngenfjorden and Ullsfjorden fjords, caused by the heat-induced ice melt near Lyngseidet. The area is only a few kilometres away from the city of Tromsø, which reached a temperature of 29.9°C on 28 June 2022, just 0.3°C below its all-time record.

Copernicus open data and services are key to the monitoring of the effects of climate change in fragile environments such as the Arctic regions.

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