Satellite characteristics

Launch Date - End 1354402800 -

Status Operational

Orbit type Sun-synchronous phased orbits

Altitude 694

Orbit inclination 98.2

Equatorial crossing time 10:15:00

Satellite family: PLEIADES

Pléiades-HR is a two-spacecraft constellation of CNES (French Space Agency), representing a long-term engagement with the introduction of advanced technologies in Earth observation capabilities. Started with the launch of Pléiades 1 in December 2011, the Pléiades program follows the SPOT program satellite series services. Belgium is part of the coalition that realized Pléiades. As with SPOT, it has an agreement on data distribution that is advantageous for the Belgian institutional users.

Pléiades is part of the ORFEO programme, which comprises 4 X-band satellites from Italy (Cosmo-Skymed), and 2 optical satellites from France (Pléiades). Both optical satellites have a spatial resolution of 70 cm in panchromatic and 2,8 m in multispectral, which will be resampled on ground to 50 cm and 2m respectively.

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Sensor characteristics

Sensor name HiRI (High-Resolution Imager)
Sensor short description
Sensor type Imaging radiometer (Vis/IR)
Resolution class Submetric
Spatial resolution 0.5<br>2
Swath width (at nadir) 20 km
Revisit frequency 1 dagen
Max look angle 60 °