- Development of an electromagnetic inversion model for forests

Context and objectives

This work has been done in prolongation of the contract TELSATIII/10/017. The main objective was to elaborate an electromagnetic model of the forests of Côte d'Ivoire.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

- an electromagnetic model for tropical forests has been developed;
- some possible parametric solutions, in view of the observed retrodiffusion levels, have been proposed, and the main problems underlined;
- we have discussed the opportunity of several frequencies, polarisation’s, or incidence angles. By combining data from different origins (ERS1, RADARSAT, JERS1, ...), the discriminating possibilities are clearly increased. Several attempts of parametric inversion on three or four parameters have also been made. The results demonstrate some feasibility and are very indicative of the current expectation of an electromagnetic inversion procedure, with the present satellite data.

Location: Region:
  • Ivory Coast