- ERS1 SAR application potential to flood monitoring in the Walloon region

Context and objectives

To provide a proper methodology for:
- mapping flood inundation fields caused by river overflow during winter period in an environment characterised by frequent cloud cover in the prospect of consistent flood monitoring;
- merging ERS SAR and optical satellite data for detailed analysis of actual land use affected by inundations.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

The conceptual flood inundation index is physically sound in relation to radar imaging. Applied to a properly selected temporal radar data set, it would provide consistent inundation field maps resulting from river overflow or water logging under an environment frequently dominated by cloud cover. Data obtained from the index calculation could be directly integrated into optical satellite images for further detailed analysis of land use affected by inundations.
The merging of ERS-1 SAR and optical satellite data, using the optical image PC transform technique and replacing PC-1 by radar backscatter intensity data has proved to be satisfactory as a means for further detailed analysis of land use affected by inundation.

Project leader(s): ULg - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - Echanges Eau-Sol-Plante
Location: Region:
  • Hydrographic basins of the Lesse River