GEOSUCCESS - Geosuccess Service Centre

Context and objectives

The Geosuccess Service Centre creates operational products for environmental monitoring. These products are based on earth observation data (VEGETATION instrument) and made available to the user community via the Geosuccess portal website.

This project is about the improvement of the services offered through the portal website, with focus on:

  • better and more intense communication with the users community, in order to incorporate remarks and expectations in the services to be developed;
  • better and more flexible access to basic earth observation products and value-added products (interactive selection of data via Region of Interest, support of a wider range of data formats and co-ordinate systems, preview of selected data and products);
  • addition of a new product, GBA2000 developed by the Joint Research Centre of the EC (JRC), and further implemented and validated in ESA's GlobCarbon project;
  • addition of new specific services, such as image maps, thematic maps, difference maps, time series.
  • Project outcome

    Expected scientific results