- Implementation of a www site presenting Liège viewed from space using satellite imagery

Context and objectives

The web site "Liege viewed from space" lies within the framework of the project "City
promotion", which aims at presenting new aspects of Belgian cities to the public.
Similar sites were developed for Brussels and Gent.
If the first objective of this site is to present the city of Liege viewed from space using
different satellites, such as LANDSAT, SPOT, KOSMOS and IKONOS, it also
attempts to promote the city of Liege on the web.
The subject was addressed from a historical viewpoint by presenting all the territory
of the old Principality of Liege. In so doing, the visitor can discover not only the city of
Liege, but also 25 other cities from satellite imagery. Each city was put back in its
historical context by linking it to the history of the Principality. However, in the context
of this feasibility study and within the time allowed, the presentation of each city is
often limited to the listing of the main historical facts and the main curiosities.
Consequently, they are not exhaustive. However, a special attention was given to the
city of Liege.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

Project leader(s): ULg - Unité de Géomatique
Location: Region:
  • Liège

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