Context and objectives

Biophysical products such as LAI, fAPAR or fCOVER are mandatory to exploit concurrently remote sensing observations and models describing vegetation functioning. Since these variables are accessible by ground measurements, they allow to ‘validate’ the products and associate quantitative uncertainties. Further, these variables have been recognized as ECVs (Essential Climate Variables) by international bodies such as GTOS.
Such products have been developed within the GMES/GEOLAND2 project from VEGETATION and AVHRR data, providing a unique long and consistent global time series. This series need to be continuated after the VEGETATION era.
The objective of the PREUVE (PROBA-V Extended Use of VEGETATION) is to develop LAI, FAPAR and FCOVER products for PROBA-V observations, to provide a consistent continuity with the GEOLAND2 products. The products will both be developed at 300 m and 1 km resolution. They will be validated based on the CEOS/LPV methodology and compared with already existing other products.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

Availability of and Algorithm Theoretically Based Document along with a validation report. Writing an article presenting the results in a peer reviewed journal and presenting the results in an international conference.