WWW2 - World Wide Watch by Earth Observation Services - Phase II

Context and objectives

WWW2 is the continuation of the project WWW.

The second phase of the project aims:

  1. to design an added-value products for monitoring Pan Tropical Forest Watch, both based on the specific demands of the well identified end-users communities;
  2. to assess the actual niche of the proposed products with regards to the existing one to properly communicate about these;
  3. to operationally deliver the Desert Locust, the Agriculture Phenology and the Pan Tropical Forest Watch products to a well defined and active user community in near-real time and with the relevant recurrent time interval over a long and continuous time-period;
  4. to incorporate the products in the specific users systems.

From a methodological point of view, the project have two transversal objectives:

  1. to validate an original product prototyping approach based on close and iterative interaction between the reference user and the research lab allowing to test and tune the final product during a significant pre-operational period thanks to a high-speed very flexible processing facilities available in the research lab; and
  2. to develop a new conceptual approach to design multi-sensor products transparent for the end-users with regards to the EO data sources.

Further objectives of this project and of this partnership are to help Belgium, by joining research and production forces at the national level, to be recognized as an international centre of competence in the global land monitoring scene.

Project outcome

  • The Locust Product has been fully finalized and made available for the Desert Locust Information Service (DLIS) at the FAO. It is composed of greenness maps highlighting zones most critical for locusts’ development;
  • The Phenology Product was finalized until Prototyping (WP3). It is composed of a set of 10 phenological metrics (start of season, maximum of greenness, amplitude of greenness, length of the season, etc.) in raster format ;
  • The Tropical (Forest) Watch Product reached algorithm design phase but the application of the algorithm reached insufficient results at this stage.