BELSPO is leading a consortium composed of Belgian and Dutch scientists in charge of the organisation of the IGARSS conference to be held in Brussels in July 2021. One of the most well-known and biggest international remote sensing conferences is IGARSS, the IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium. An IGARSS symposium is organized in Europe every 3 years. After Munich (2012), Milan (2015) and Valencia (2018), for the first time an IGARSS conference will be organized in Brussels on July 2021.

On average, an IGARSS symposium receives 2.000-odd papers submitted and hosts 2.500 participants attending over 100 sessions organized during a full week.

BELSPO is one of the main actors of the committee in charge of the Brussels 2021 event and is associated with Belgian and Dutch universities and research centres. The organizing committee will work hard during the next 3 years to make this event a real success and it will be a great opportunity to promote research conducted in our country in the domain of Earth observation.


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