WEkEO V1 now available, offering a range of improvements and new functionalities

#Data & Tools

Published on 17 June 2020

The WEkEO V1 cloud platform provides a comprehensive portfolio of original Copernicus Programme and Sentinel satellite data (and supporting missions), with harmonised data access, cloud infrastructure and expert user support. The European Union flagship Earth observation initiative, the Copernicus Programme is in the WEkEO DNA both in terms of direct connection to data and to the Copernicus and Sentinel expertise. 

With the goal to democratise, facilitate, and standardise access to Copernicus and other relevant data, the European Commission (EC) launched an initiative to develop five Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) in 2016. This initiative benefits a wide range of users including institutional bodies, the private sector, scientists, and civil society to enable them to develop their own value-added products, applications and services.

WEkEO DIAS has been designed by EUMETSAT, Mercator-Ocean International, and ECMWF, and implemented by industry, to provide easy access to Copernicus information and processing tools, in one centralised location, so that users can develop applications for their own specific needs. 

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