Women in Copernicus, fill in the survey!

#Copernicus, #STEREO

Published on 30 July 2020

Women are part of the Copernicus experience. They are not always visible but they are present in the production flow of the Copernicus / Earth Observation / Geoinformation (Copernicus/EO/GI) domains.

The "Women in Copernicus" project wants to give a voice and a face to the women who work with Copernicus, whether they are experts in the analysis of satellite data or users of Copernicus services in various fields of application. The project aims to identify opportunities and obstacles in the paths of these women, and also to inspire girls and women by bringing Women in Copernicus to the forefront of Copernicus.

Are you a woman working in Copernicus? Then fill in the survey!

This survey addresses European Women working or having worked with Copernicus data or in the Copernicus domain of activities. The survey includes 6 sections (demographics, background and career, barriers, facilitators,education choices and final). It should only take 10 minutes to answer. Thank you for your time and interest in this initiative.

Women in Copernicus survey