RIREMO - Riparian Remote Monitoring for river management in Wallonia

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Context and objectives

Riparian zones are central landscape features providing several ecosystem services and are exceptionally rich in biodiversity. In our project, remote sensing techniques will be used to develop automated analysis of the regional river network and riparian buffer.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

The project outcomes and methods will be promoted through several research articles, both for science popularization and peer-reviewed publications. More specifically, 2 research articles (peer review) are planned:

Paper n°1: Multitemporal analysis of Canopy Height Model from photogrammetric and LiDAR point clouds
Paper n°2: Characterization of riparian zone quality using hybrid time series of CHM and satellite imagery

Expected products and services

The project will provide cost-effective, repeatable and ready-to-use tools to evaluate action programs. The information's available at different scales in the online platform will also offer a set of decision- making tools, from day-to-day management to regional planning of the riparian zone management. In terms of skills transfer, the administration will be able to update the indicators when the source data will be re-acquired.

River managers of Wallonia through the online platform.