UAVSOIL - UAV borne spectrometers for high resolution soil and crop monitoring

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Context and objectives

Soil Organic matter modifies the soil physical, chemical and biological properties in favour of better soil quality and consequently higher crop yields and a subsequent reduction of input (e.g. mineral N fertilizer) costs. This project aims at testing the potential of air- and UAV- borne spectral sensors to produce parameters for explaining yield variations through input of up-to-date and high resolution soil variables with a perspective to improve yield prediction and optimization.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

Outputs of UAVSOIL are a quantification of the intra-field heterogeneity in crop performance and its correlation to soil properties in the form of high resolution maps. These will subsequently allow the definition of areas with different yield potentials within a field for which management variable zones (MVZ) specific application of  N fertilizers can be suggested.

The results of the project will be communicated to professionals, farmers in a conservation agriculture network and fellow scientists.  Presentations at scientific conferences such as EARSEL, EGU, Pedometrics. Stand at professional events (e.g. Belgian Drone days) and two-three workshops for professionals (Belcam users group, Provincial laboratories in the Requasud network, Greenotec).