GEO BON Global Conference: Monitoring Biodiversity for Action

A whole of society approach for urgent and transformative change

The Global Conference on Biodiversity and Monitoring is organized by GEO BON and its partners between 10-13 October 2023 in Montreal, Canada.

One year after COP15 of the UN CBD and the landmark agreement of a Global Biodiversity Framework, the GEO BON global conference will focus on the grand challenge of ‘Monitoring Biodiversity for Action’. A central theme will be the development of best practices and new technologies for biodiversity observations and monitoring to support transformative policy and conservation action.

The conference will offer a venue for sharing and exchanging scientific and traditional knowledge related to biodiversity change, from genes to ecosystems; the associated contributions to people, across all sectors of society; and its conservation, sustainable use and shared benefits.

The GEO BON team invites researchers, policy-makers, Indigenous peoples and local communities, conservation organizations, businesses and others in the financial sector to join them in Montreal.

Abstracts for talks and posters are welcome on the following themes:

  • Building a global biodiversity observing system (GBiOS) 
  • Essential Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Variables 
  • Enabling Biodiversity Observation Networks
  • Community-based monitoring and traditional knowledge
  • Detection and attribution of biodiversity change
  • Ecosystem accounting
  • Artificial Intelligence for biodiversity change 
  • Mainstreaming biodiversity change into policy and practice
  • Indicators for the targets of the Global Biodiversity Framework of the UN CBD
  • Biodiversity indicators for businesses
  • Linking monitoring for biodiversity and climate actions
  • Communicating biodiversity change across society