MOOC about Machine Learning in Weather & Climate

The objective of the MOOC is to train a wider community on the impact and use of Machine Learning in numerical weather and climate predictions. It brings together experts throughout Member and Co-operating States and beyond to provide a shared vision across the communities of Earth system sciences, high-performance computing and Machine Learning.

Starting on 9 January 2023

Learning outcomes

Tier 1 - ML in Weather & Climate

  • Identify key concepts in Machine Learning, numerical weather and climate prediction.
  • Describe the main topics in numerical weather and climate prediction, and the relevance of Machine Learning in each.
  • Understand the added value and limitations of Machine Learning in weather and climate.

Tier 2 - Concepts of Machine Learning

  • Learn and apply the most important ML techniques relevant to ML in weather and climate applications.
  • Select and design ML workflows and apply them to simplified real-world problems.

Tier 3 - Practical ML applications in Weather & Climate

  • Discover the state of the art ML research throughout the key applications of numerical weather and climate predictions.
  • Gain practical experience in the use of code and data in real research projects.
  • Develop a real case study in at least one of the main topics of numerical weather and climate prediction, by applying the practical application of ML workflows.

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