Belgian Earth Observation Day 2020 is crossing borders

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Publié le 6 octobre 2020

On 24 November, the STEREO team is organizing its annual BEODay.

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this year's meeting will be fully virtual.

As always, STEREO research teams will present their progress, and we will bring you some interesting and important news as well. But this year, the virtual format allows us to cross borders and invite our Northern neighbours to participate in the event.

BEODay promises a compact but varied and interesting programme.

To underline our intent to bring the Dutch and Belgian remote sensing communities closer, the Dutch Space Office will introduce their national strategy followed by a project on water productivity in agriculture which exemplifies it. Additional presentations will dig deeper into to use of Earth observation in order to monitor agriculture at (intra)parcel levels.

Tools on detailed monitoring of vegetation in gardens as well along river banks will be presented, followed by a report on large scale monitoring of savannah forest biomass. The programme will stay in the tropics for a close examination of landslides.

While the focus will be on remote sensing applications, presentations of a more technical nature will deal with data harmonisation for time series and novel methods for un-linear spectral unmixing. Befitting the season, the overview of projects will end with novel ways to estimate water content in snow packs.

The programme will be bookended by information on the Belgian remote sensing programmes and the 2021 IGARSS conference, which is jointly organised by the Netherlands and Belgium.

We hope this sample of projects will showcase the diversity and expertise of our remote sensing research communities and may entice you to explore future collaborations.

Global 100 m Land Cover map 2019 based on PROBA-V data and generated as part of the Copernicus Global Land service

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