DINAMIS, a simplified access point to remote sensing data

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Publié le 5 novembre 2020

DINAMIS (Dispositif Institutionnel National d'Approvisionnement Mutualisé en Imagerie Satellitaire), is an online platform that brings together French institutional resources to acquire and distribute satellite imagery for the purposes of scientific research, regional development and planning, environmental monitoring and management, innovation and the creation of added value.

Currently DINAMIS offers its users access to two series of Earth observation spatial data:

  • a supply of commercial optical images at Very High Spatial Resolution (Pleiades, Spot 6-7),
  • a relay to a bouquet of free images with additional resolutions (Sentinel 2, Spot 1-5 archives of the Spot World Heritage program, archives of the Kalidéos project, etc.).

DINAMIS is primarily aimed at French public actors, scientific and non-scientific, but it is also available to foreign scientific partners and private actors invested in Research and Development (R&D) or in innovative services.

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