Full Pléiades coverages of Belgium now available for super cheap prices

#Pléiades, #STEREO, #Belgique

Publié le 10 juillet 2017

You probably already know that the Belgian Pléiades Archive (or BPA in short) boasts an impressive number of Pléiades images with very high resolution, distributed all over the globe. All of these images can be downloaded free of charge if you become an authorised user.

Another perk of becoming an authorised user is the vastly reduced prices you pay for other Pléiades images (whether that be new acquisitions or images already acquired in the past which aren't in the BPA).

You probably also already knew about the 2013 full coverage of Belgium that was purchased by the Belgian federal and regional governments. All of these images are available in the BPA as well.

What you might not know yet, however, is that the full archive of Pléiades images is much, much larger. Airbus D&S, the provider of the data, has been collecting images since the launch of the first Pléiades satellite, and have gradually populated a vast archive that can be searched over on their Geostore website.

Airbus D&S have been dedicated to providing Belgian users with yearly coverages since the very start of this exciting adventure. Ever since the delivery of the 2013 coverage, they have collected nearly full coverages of Belgium in 2014 and 2015, and a full coverage of Belgium acquired over the course of 2016.

If you are an authorised user and you're interested in any of these coverages or any of the images in them, you can purchase them for bottom prices by passing through the BPA preorder page.

So be sure to check out the wonderful images in both the BPA (completely free of charge) and the Geostore (for very low prices)!