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Publié le 9 mai 2023

We are happy to announce the publication of the new GHSL data, the data package GHS P2023, a true revolution in mapping human presence on Earth!

This data package, just released by the European Commission, provides an update of the GHS P2022. The new release fixes the anomaly in the multi-temporal modelling mechanism and recalculates the multi-temporal built up surfaces, built up volumes, population, and degree of urbanization spatial raster datasets (SMOD) accordingly. More details on the improvements are provided in the GHSL data package P2023 report.

Average building height (ANBH 100m) estimates in Guangzhou – Shenzhen (China)

Average building height (ANBH 100m) estimates in Guangzhou – Shenzhen (China)

It features, among other products, human settlements mapping for an unprecedented time series spanning 1975 to 2030, building volume estimation and residential and non residential built-up surface classification.

You can visualise the data from GHSL Data Package P2023 using the updated visualisation page.

Feel free to download the GHSL Data Package 2023 report containing the complete information about this new release.

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