Satellite characteristics

Launch Date - End 870300000 - 1291849200

État Decommissioned

Orbit type Sun-synchronous polar circular orbit

Altitude 705

Orbit inclination 98.2

Equatorial crossing time 12:00:00

Orbit period 98.2

Satellite family: OrbView

The objective of this commercial satellite series is to acquire affordable high-quality imagery of the Earth for a variety of customers that include local governments, telecommunication companies, architects, civil engineers, real estate managers, farmers and environmental monitoring agencies.

Sensor characteristics

Sensor name SeaWiFS (Sea-Viewing Wide Field-of-View Sensor)
Sensor short description
Sensor type Imaging radiometer (Vis/IR)
Resolution class Very Low (> 1 km)
Swath width (at nadir) 2800 km
Revisit frequency 1 jours