URMO3D - Combination of satellite raster data and vector data for 3D urban modelling

Context and objectives

This project aims the integration of a raster surface model, with its area covering character, and 3D vector information of the built-up area, a hybrid 3D city model can be generated from one data source, being a VHR stereo pair. As archives of VHR images will grow larger in time, the necessity will grow to use those archives in multitemporal analysis, also in three dimensions.
The goal of the presented research is to develop a 3D city model from VHR stereoscopic data and to test this model in its visualisation and analytical capabilities. The first phase of the project consists of the development of a method to derive such hybrid city models from VHR data. In the second phase applications will be developed for this model, on a rapidly changing urban environment. The main objectives of the proposed project are:

  1. To develop a method for the extraction of 3D information, in a hybrid way, of an urban landscape from very high resolution data .
  2. To test the analytical capabilities of the developed 3D city model by means of an application of a rapidly changing urban environment.