Amazing scientific expedition on Nyiragongo. Participate!

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Gepubliceerd op 7 april 2017

Next June, the Royal Museum for Central Africa will lead and coordinate a huge scientific expedition on one of the most active and dangerous African volcanoes : Mount Nyiragongo.

Nyiragongo lava lake (260m wide) during a minor overflow, in September 2011. (c) B. Smets, 2011

The expedition is organized in collaboration with BBC, the British public TV company, which will produce, in parallel, two documentaries on the Virunga volcanoes. Several Belgian, Luxembourgian and American scientific institutes are implied in this adventure during which scientists will sleep inside the Nyiragongo crater, close to the World’s largest active lava lake. In the framework of this expedition, several tasks will be performed to answer to specific needs of the STEREO-III RESIST Project. For more information about this expedition, which is the largest ever organized on Nyiragongo since the Haroun Tazieff’s expeditions in the 1950s and 1960s, do not hesitate to visit the following webpages and even support them by participating to their crowdfunding campaign!

Nyiragongo 2017 Expedition
Crowdfunding campaign