A new collaboration platform for EO data and services

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Gepubliceerd op 24 mei 2022

In a world filled with Earth observation data and innovative image processing technology, the people at Terrascope are privileged to access and offer EO-based services which can support many applications. Applications that are needed to accelerate the transition to a green and sustainable planet. But despite the wide range of platforms and services available, there are still some barriers that prevent them from truly matching supply and demand. The variety of tools and the lack of interoperability between these platforms pose a challenge and a risk of lock-in to the user.

They therefore created the Terrascope EOplaza, a brand-new collaboration platform to access and offer a variety of high-quality EO data and services. Discover how, as an end user, you can access third party services in just a few clicks or, as a service provider, offer your services to a global community while reducing development costs.

Earth observation (EO) data are all around and, luckily, often openly and freely available for you to use in several applications. The potential is high, but the threshold to start using EO data and the associated services is often higher. Processing EO data and creating operational value-added services can therefore be a challenging process. Despite the wide range of platforms and services supporting users to process massive amounts of data, there are still some barriers that prevent end users and service providers from truly matching supply and demand.

Unexperienced end users often get lost and can’t see the wood for the trees, while service providers quickly struggle with high IT investments (both hardware- and software-related), EO domain knowledge, and understanding of the EO business ecosystem. The brand new Terrascope EOplaza wants to lower the threshold for service providers, researchers, students, private and public entities by offering one platform to access and offer high-quality EO services for several applications. For end users, it is the place to discover EO services that meet their requirements. For service providers, it is an easy and reliable way to offer their technology to a global community.

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