New collections for PROBA-V and SPOT-VEGETATION

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Gepubliceerd op 7 maart 2017

Last February the PROBA-V Collection 1 (C1) reprocessing was completed. The data are entirely available on the portal.

This collection marks among others the release of the Level 2A data products and significant improvements to the cloud detection algorithm. More information on these and other improvements can be found in the latest PROBA-V Product User Manual version. Collection 0 is no longer accessible since 1 March 2017.

Also of note is the release of the reprocessed SPOT-VEGETATION (VGT) data archive on This new collection is referred to as “Collection 3” or C3, which includes among others improvements on cloud and snow/ice detection and radiometric calibration.  Read up on the  improvements in Collection 3 in the latest SPOT-VGT Product User Manual.  Previous SPOT-VGT data collections are no longer accessible.

Both the PROBA-V C1 and SPOT-VGT C3 are available on VITO's free and open virtual research platform. This allows the user to access and analyse the new data collections with a powerful set of tools and libraries, making free use of VITO’s powerful processing infrastructure.