TERRASCOPE Sentinel data now readily available for all Belgian users

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Gepubliceerd op 24 januari 2017

The Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) has just launched TERRASCOPE, the Belgian entry point to the EU Copernicus Sentinel satellites data.

It takes advantage of existing infrastructure that Belgium built up for the SPOT-VEGETATION and PROBA-V missions. From now on TERRASCOPE will offer its users following products and services:

Sentinel imagery;

  • Information products derived from Sentinel imagery;
  • Computing power for third parties to use to generate their own information products.

TERRASCOPE aims to be a flexible and dynamic platform which should allow for new developments resulting from collaboration between Belgian partners in dialogue with BELSPO.

BELSPO is dedicated to encourage Belgian users to work with Sentinel data.

To better understand which products our Belgian users need and how to would like to see TERRASCOPE evolve, we invite each of you to complete the TERRASCOPE survey.