New GeoRiskA website

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Gepubliceerd op 29 maart 2021

A brand new website has just been launched at the AfricaMuseum: GeoRiskA!

You will discover a dynamic team that has been working for many years on the study of natural hazards of geological and geomorphological origin (volcanoes, landslides, earthquakes...) and their associated risks in several regions of Africa, in partnership with key local actors.

Among these studies, several projects have been and are still being funded by the STEREO programme.

This is notably the case for the projects MODUS (A Multi-sensOr approach to characterize ground Displacements in Urban Sprawling contexts)MUZUBI (MUlti Zone phase Unwrapping using advanced Split Band Interferometry), RESIST (Remote Sensing and In Situ detection and Tracking of geohazards) and the associated exploration project VERSUS (Open-Vent Volcano Remote Sensing Monitoring Using Spaceborne Imagery), all of which focus on the Virunga Volcanic region.

On this occasion, we invite you to rediscover the following webstories:

MUZUBI: using interferometry to evaluate volcanic risks

MODUS: keeping an eye on landslides

RESIST: Tracking the rainfalls that trigger landslides in Central Africa

Also consider taking the time to climb the slopes of Nyiragongo by watching the short documentary below, recently broadcast on Franceinfo: "République Démocratique du Congo : à la découverte du volcan Nyiragongo, 'aux portes de l'enfer'" (translation: "Democratic Republic of Congo: discovering the Nyiragongo volcano, 'at the gates of hell'").


Check out the GeoRiskA website