EODAHR - Improved early warnings through Earth Observation Data Assimilation and Hydrological Retrospective forecasts

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Context and objectives

The scientific objectives of this proposal can be summarized as follows:

  1. implementation of satellite data assimilation for soil moisture and vegetation estimation;
  2. combination of the assimilation system with the medium-range hydrological ensemble prediction system in the context of statistical post-processing, based on hydrological reforecasts.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

  1. Updated HEPS system, able to issue experimental forecasts using improved initial conditions through Level 1 data assimilation.
  2. Comparison between HEPS and a Land Surface Model regarding data assimilation performance.

Expected products and services

The project outcome can serve to develop a major update to the existing hydrological forecast system, combining data assimilation and post-processing.