ECOPROPHET - Improved Ecosystem Productivity Modeling by Innovative Algorithms and Remotely Sensed Phenology Indicators

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Context and objectives

While global products of biomass production from Remote Sensing (RS) and Land Surface models (LSMs) do capture the global patterns, they still fail to capture the existing variability within biomes. This project aims to improve this situation. Key objectives include:

  1. Identifying the best photosynthesis-related RS indicator(s) for representing ecosystem functional phenology and productivity;
  2. Providing a better estimation of productivity by reparametrizing the phenology modules of two LSMs (ORCHIDEE and SURFEX), and prescribing different phenology for a third (LSA-SAF);
  3. To develop a new biomass production algorithm.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

The main scientific outcome of the project will be an improved understanding of functional phenology and more realistic estimations of GPP and biomass production under current-day and climate change conditions.

Expected products and services

ECOPROPHET project will provide a new remote sensing-based GPP product and an innovative algorithm to convert GPP into biomass production. An improved modelling at RMI is expected to result in better services in the future.

Potential users

Key potential users of the ECOPROPHET products are the RS and LSM communities interested in ecosystem productivity and carbon balances.