BELCOLOUR - Optical remote detection of coastal waters

Context and objectives

The proposal’s primary objective is to improve the theoretical basis and software that allow the use of applications based on the remote sensing of suspended matter and chlorophyll in coastal waters. Products already in existence will be improved courtesy of theoretical advances and the use of new sensors. The quality of the end products will be investigated and preparations made for future applications will be made.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

• Improvement of the algorithms to retrieve chlorophyll and total suspended matter concentration maps of case-2  (turbid) waters from SeaWiFS, MERIS and MODIS images.
• Characterisation of optical properties of Belgian waters, especially phytoplankton.
• Evaluation of different satellite sensors.
• Development of a quality algorithm for the chlorophyll a and total suspended matter products.
• Development of an extensive satellite product database for the North Sea.
• Semi-automated near real time satellite product service.
• Satellite imagery support for ecosystem and sediment transport modelling.