LUMOS - Remote sensing image processing algorithms for land use and land cover monitoring systems

Context and objectives


An assessment of the STEREO program revealed that too often algorithms developed under the umbrella of STEREO projects, although published in A1 publications, are not or only very occasionally disseminated/used by other researchers within and outside the STEREO network.

We wanted to realize a set of plugins for QGIS, based on BELSPO research, that appealed to a diverse user group (from student to expert) and to offer those tools alongside a user manual and exercises, all in a simple, standardized way.

Project outcome

Scientific results

The following tools have been developed:

Societal (including environmental) relevance

See as objective.

Products and services

See as scientific results.

Potential users

We try to create tools that are both directed to novice users, by trying to minimize user input, but at the same time reaching experts and developers, with more advanced functions and a well-documented API.