Éric Lambin, one of the pioneers of the STEREO programme, receives the Blue Planet Prize 2019

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Published on 15 July 2019

After the Francqui Prize in 2009 and the Volvo Environment Prize in 2014, UCLouvain professor Éric Lambin (who has been active in STEREO projects for a very long time) now received the Blue Planet Prize 2019. Aim of this international prize is to encourage research resulting in concrete applications to protect the environment. 

This is a great recognition, but also the achievement of a career begun at a time when the environmental issue was not as publicized as today ...

Éric Lambin

Eric Lambin is rewarded for his research on the interaction between human activity and the evolution of terrestrial ecosystems. By combining satellite data and socio-economic data, the team led by the Belgian researcher highlighted the link between reforestation in one country and the relocation of wood extraction and agricultural production to other countries.

This research highlights the impact of globalization on ecosystems and therefore the importance of an international approach to land management.

There is a need to align local, national and international political interests. The impact of the private sector is also essential through its commitments to promote less destructive land use and a sustainable supply of natural resources (cocoa, palm oil).

Éric Lambin

Within the STEREO III programme, Éric Lambin is, alongside Veerle Vanacker, coordinator of the project REFORCHA - Continuous satellite-based indicators for mapping subtropical forest degradation and its environmental impacts. The main objective of the project is to improve our understanding of ecosystem degradation phenomena in dryland forests by integrating remotely sensed data from different sources, field data and surface models.

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