Terrascope used in new ESERO Climate Detectives course

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Published on 13 October 2022

ESERO Belgium provides hands-on training to investigate the flooding event in 2021

ESERO Belgium, the educational programme of the European Space Agency in Belgium, provides educational resources in the context of space, space travel and Earth observation for both the primary and secondary education. The trainings include material to educate the teachers and to support them in the classroom.

The ESERO Climate Detectives is one of the courses for secondary education. This course allows a classroom to explore a climate related problem using satellite data including feedback from a professional scientist. A comprehensive teacher’s manual is available to help explore a flooding event using RADAR and optical imagery, combined with in-situ measurements. The goal is to learn secondary school students more about climate change, its consequences and how Earth observation data and remote sensing technology allows us to gather objective information needed to take necessary measures. 

Using EO data to improve climate change monitoring

This hands-on course demonstrates the ease of use of the Terrascope viewer. It allows the students to investigate a concrete climate-related problem – in this case flooding in 2021 in the Yser Valley – with satellite data, combined with water level data measured on site. The Terrascope viewer is a free online tool that not only shows all available satellite images, but also makes it easy to analyze the data, export images, and easily create time-lapses.

Teachers can use the cut-and-dried exercise or even use a more recent or local events in the classroom. By showing the students how easily they can see the impact we highlight the added value of using EO data to improve climate change monitoring. This brings climate change where it should be: at the center of everyone’s attention.

ESERO Belgium is financed by ESA and BELSPO, the Belgian Federal Science Policy. The programme is realized and offered by a consortium of four partners: KU Leuven, UGent Public Observatory Armand Pien, Université Libre de Bruxelles, and La Scientothèque.

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Terrascope Sentinel-1 - Monteûville, Belgium - 9-15 July 2021

Terrascope Sentinel-1 animation 9-15 July 2021


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