SMARTPOP - Spatially plan the population growth in Wallonia and, in particular, in Liege for shaping the Smart Cities

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Context and objectives

Studying the risks related to urbanization requires precise geodata and models. Yearly and dynamic (night - day, week day - weekend) population maps and up-to-date Land Use and Land Cover data can improve the assessment of impacts related to environmental hazards.

This shared cost project reinforces the operational SMARTPOP project financed by ISSeP. Its two main objectives are

  1. to update and improve existing Land Use and Land Cover maps using remote sensing;
  2. to implement and apply an activity based Constrained Cellular-Automata Land Use model for Wallonia.

The outputs can be used as decision-support tools by authorities dealing with spatial planning and environmental monitoring.

Project outcome

Scientific results

  1. Operational LC and LU mapping frameworks;
  2. Dasymetric and dynamic population mapping protocols;
  3. Activity-based cellular automata Land Use and population distribution model to Wallonia;
  4. Enhanced data and tools for regional to local risk analysis.

Products and services

  1. Updated Land Cover and Land Use maps over the city of Liège;
  2. Dasymetric mapping tools;
  3. Dynamic population methodology and maps;
  4. Multi-temporal population maps and simulated Land Use maps;
  5. Results presented as WebGIS, geoservices and/or mapping protocols.

Potential users

  • Public authorities :
    • Direction Générales Opérationnelles du Service Public de Wallonie (SPW)
    • Agence Wallonne de l’Air et du Climat (AwAC)
    • Institut Scientifique de Service Public (ISSeP)
    • Institut Wallon de l’Evaluation, de la Prospective et de la Statistique (IWEPS)
    • National Geographic Institute (IGN)
    • SPAQuE
    • Cities (Namur, Liège…)
    • Flanders and Brussels administration
    • SPF-Finance
  • Research centres and universities, incl. Conférence Permanente du Développement Territorial (CPDT)
  • Consultancy firms in spatial planning and environmental monitoring
  • - …


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