14 Belgian research teams got to publish an article in the influential MDPI journal "Remote Sensing"

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Publié le 1 décembre 2022

Thanks to financial backing from the STEREO III programme, 14 research teams were able to publish an article in the special issue of the “Remote Sensing” journal entitled “Innovative Belgian Earth Observation research for the environment”.
Special Issue Information

For over 35 years now, Belgian scientists have been turning remote sensing data from the poles to the tropics into actionable information supported by the research program STEREO. This continuous support has enabled the development of a rich scientific community and research infrastructure in Belgium. High spatial, spectral and temporal resolution data is increasingly available from satellites, airplanes, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and terrestrial platforms. In this special issue we aim at collecting papers that

  1. Illustrate the application and potential of Earth observation tools in the sustainable management of a densely populated country in environments such as agriculture, forests and nature reserves, coasts and cities;
  2. Demonstrate the capabilities offered by new optical, radar, hyperspectral and Lidar data to study the Earth system; and
  3. Showcase the benefits of a strong remote sensing community for the calibration/validation of sensors and data analysis tools. Any author affiliated to Belgian institutions is invited to contribute and researchers working in the framework of the STEREO programme are particularly targeted.


Articles already published in this special issue: