A workshop to discover the QGIS tools based on STEREO algorithms

#STEREO, #Données et outils

Publié le 11 décembre 2020

An assessment of the STEREO programme revealed that too often algorithms developed under the umbrella of STEREO projects, although published in A1 publications, are not or only very occasionally disseminated/used by other researchers within and outside the STEREO network.

The LUMOS team realized a set of plugins for QGIS, based on BELSPO research, that appealed to a diverse user group (from student to expert) and now offer you those tools with a user manual and exercises, all in a simple, standardized way.

The team is pleased to present the QGIS tools that have been developed based on STEREO algorithms:

  • Spectral Library tool: view, build, edit, optimize libraries
  • MESMA: algorithm, custom visualisation tool, post-processing
  • Tree Density Calculator: detect tree tops, calculate density
  • Neural Network MLP Classifier: supervised classification
  • EOF-based Time Series Reconstruction: reconstructing missing data (oceanography)
  • FORCE4Q: visualise FORCE, Landsat or Sentinel2 Level-2A products in QGIS
  • Bit Flag Renderer: visualise individual bit flags in the Quality Assurance (QA) band (FORCE, Landsat, …)
  • EO Time Series Viewer: visualization and labelling of time series data with varying spatial, spectral and temporal domains

The workshop will take place online on December 14th:

14h – 14h45: Presentation and demo of each tool + general Q&A

15h – 16h: Hands-on exercises with a focus on spectral libraries and MESMA


More information about these QGIS plugins ? Visit our STEREO toolbox webpage.