New Pléiades images available – free of charge!

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Gepubliceerd op 6 maart 2020

Our Pléiades 4 Belgium website just released another batch of VHR (very high resolution) Pléiades images from all over the world—and assuming you're an authorised user, you can download each and every one of them free of charge! 

Below is just one example of an image that was added this week, zooming in on the jagged Lake Nasser coastline just south of the Aswan Dam, Egypt. The actual resolution of the image is quite a bit better still, but to get the full picture, you'll have to create an account and download the image yourself!

This is just one of a slew of images that were recently made available, on top of the hundreds that were already there. And that's not all: almost a hundred more are set to be published in the near future: ranging in location from Belgium over the UK, the Middle East and Central Africa all the way to Antarctica. So keep an eye out for new images if these locations peak your interest. 

By the way, the P4B website not only provides free access to all Pléiades images already there, it also gives authorised users the opportunity to purchase new VHR data at vastly reduced cost compared to the commercial prices. 

So whether you're looking to purchase new satellite images or you're interested in free VHR data, you should check out:

Pléiades 4 Belgium