ECTIC - Environmental change tracking using ICEYE constellation

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Context and objectives

ECTIC is a sharedcost project implemented after acceptance by ESA of our proposal to the Announcement of Opportunity offering an opportunity to access ICEYE X-band constellation data dedicated to ICEYE in the TPM framework.

ICEYE SAR sensors offer high resolution imagery and wide band signals. The ECTIC project aims at taking advantage of thes specificities and offer an opportunity for scientists and researchers to access ICEYE X-band constellation data testing ICEYE SAR imagery, targeting two main applications:

  • evaluating aptitude of ICEYE SAR products for height change detection by tracking SAR shadow changes through time series. This technique is already implemented at ECGS using recurrent Sentinel1 (S1) data. Complementarity between both ICEYE and S1 missions working at different resolutions and revisiting times will be addressed;
  • taking advantage of the wide band offered by ICEYE data to evaluate the information content provided by the spectral coherence channel that can be extracted by sub-band splitting and how it can help for target or change detection. The principle behind the technique consists in splitting the available wide frequency band in sub-bands to produce sub-images of lower resolution, each centered on its own central frequency. Coherence computation between sub-images allows estimating this spectral coherence.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

  • Proof of concept and assessment of ICEYE constellation benefit in the frame of two targeted potential applications, i.e. spectral coherence analysis for land management indicators and time series amplitude/intensity image processing for height variation detection through projected shadow monitoring.
  • Assessment of ICEYE potential for lava lake monitoring through shadow measurement and cross validation with Sentinel1 results, analysis of the complementary in using both ICEYE and Sentinel1 data for Nyiragongo lava lake leveling.

Expected products and services

Development of a specific data reader module for ICEYE data, allowing them to be handled by the CIS/MasTer Engine, in particular for processing ICEYE time series for height changes measurements, making the tool ready for InSAR deformation time series processing for when constellation will offer daily acquisition with interferometric capabilities.

Potential users

Scientists/academics involved in scientific analyses of ICEYE constellation capabilities and applications, and interested by a possible alternative to SNAP.

Project leader(s): CSL - Centre Spatial de Liège
International partner(s)
D'OREYE Nicolas Musée national d Histoire naturelle du Luxembourg
Location: Country:
  • Congo (Kinshasa)

  • North Kivu