POLINSAR - Polarimetric SAR Interferometry

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Context and objectives

In polarimetric SAR interferometry (PolInSAR), polarimetric techniques are introduced into SAR interferometry applications to provide combined sensitivity to the vertical distribution of scattering mechanisms. As a result, it becomes possible to investigate the three-dimensional structure of vegetation cover using a single-frequency polarimetric SAR. The topics to be covered in this three-year project include : (1) PolInSAR processing; (2) PolInSAR physics; (3) PolInSAR fusion; (4) PolInSAR potentialities in remote sensing.

Project outcome

Expected scientific results

  • The PolInSAR processor has been developed and validated by CSL, taking (and often helping to develop) the ESA PolSARpro software as reference (see appended images for illustration).
  • The PolInSAR radiative transfer model has been developed. Interaction with the outputs of the CSL PolInSAR processor is in progress.
  • A brainstorming on PolInSAR potentialities for remote sensing, gathering the Consortium and the User Members of the Steering Committee, is planned for September 2006.