Belgian Earth Observation Day 2019

28 november 2019

28 november 2019

Hove van Herpelgem
Avelgemstraat 31
9690 Kluisbergen BE

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On 28 November 2019, the STEREO team is organizing its annual Belgian Earth Observation Day (BEODay in short).

As always, STEREO research teams will present their progress, and we will bring some interesting and important news as well.

If you're interested in Earth Observation, this is the event for you!

The Belgian Earth Observation Day is an annual event where the results of research in the domain of Earth observation, mainly carried out within the framework of the STEREO (Support to Exploitation and Research in Earth Observation) programme, are presented and where the Belgian remote sensing community has ample opportunity to meet and network.

Researchers as well as people working in private companies and administrations are welcome to attend.

The venue also offers 8 rooms if you prefer to spend the night before or after the event. Get in touch if you need more information



Conference Opening
First session: Final results of Thematic projects
HYDRAS+ - Multisource data assimilation into land surface models

Dominik Rains

MAUPP - Modeling and predicting African Urban Population Patterns

Cathérine Liénard

SAT-EX - A data-driven perspective on global biosphere–climate interactions

Diego Miralles

URBANEARS - Urban Ecosystem Analysis supported by Remote Sensing

Ben Somers

Second session: Introduction to new exploration projects (1)
VERSUS - Studying and Monitoring Open-Vent Volcanoes from Space

Benoît Smets

SARSAR - The potential of SAR and OPTICAL Sentinel images for the automatic monitoring of redevelopment sites

Sophie Petit

ALBERI - Assessing links between biogenic emissions and remote-sensed photosynthesis indicators

Maité Bauwens

AQUALOOKS - Information on aquatic particles from multi-look remote sensing

Héloise Lavigne

C-SNOW - Mapping snow mass in the Northern Hemisphere mountain ranges with Sentinel-1

Hans Lievens, Isis Brangers, Hans-Peter Marshall and Gabrielle De Lannoy

EODAHR - Improved early warnings through Earth observation data assimilation and hydrological retrospective forecasts

Pierre Baguis

ET-SENSE - Potential of the Sentinel data stream to retrieve evaporation and soil moisture

Dominik Rains

Keynote speech
Near real time data & intelligence based on VHR imagery and external sources

Benoît Deper - Aerospacelab

Second session: Introduction to new exploration projects (2)
BELSAR-Science - Exploitation of the first bistatic SAR time series for agriculture and hydrology applications

Pierre Defourny

GENLIB - Developing a generic framework for library-based multi-site mapping of urban areas

Frank Canters

PALMWATCH - Detection of Red Palm Weevil in palm trees with Remote Sensing

Stephanie Delalieux

SLUMAP – Towards scalable and transferable slum mapping

Sabine Vanhuysse

TIMBERS - 3D Turbidity assessment through integration of multibeam echo-sounding and optical remote sensing

Els Knaeps and Robrecht Moelans

Coffee break
Third session: Final results of exploration projects
EO-REGIONS-Science - Research in support to building a digital platform for Earth observation services in Wallonia

Anne Orban

SMARTPOP – New monitoring and forecasting tools for the Walloon territorial development

Eric Hallot

INPLANT - Plant optical traits to characterize herbaceous communities and understand invasion impacts

Ben Somers and Elisa Van Cleemput

MAMAFOREST: Monitoring system for mangrove forests using optical and radar data

Viviana Otero

MUZUBI – advanced phase unwrapping using split-band interferometry

Denis Defrere

The STEREO III programme: News
Closure of the Workshop


Avelgemstraat 31 - 9690 Kluisbergen BE

Hove Van Herpelgem


A shuttle service will be installed between the station of Kortrijk and the venue.

The bus will be ready for departure at 9h15.

In the evening, the shuttle bus service back to station will start at 17h15.