STEREO Project management

Project promotors and scientists can find information pertaining to the management of their project below.

All forms and documents except invoices should be sent to stereo @

Contract templates

Basic contract (English) Technical Annex
Basic contract (Dutch/French) Annex II: General terms and conditions

Contract for Dissemination and Support projects

Example of internal agreement

Example of agreement with international partners

Contract change request form:
Aanvraag voor verlenging/budgetoverdracht
Demande de prolongation/transfert bugétaire

Data acquisition

Data ordering guidelines
RS data acquisition request form


Project webstory template


Event sponsoring request form


Report templates

Report templates for Thematic network, Application and Exploration projects

Initial project sheet

Final project sheet
Initial report Final report Thematic & Exploration - Check the requirements for illustrations
Annual activity report Final report Application projects - Check the requirements for illustrations

Report templates for BELAIR subprojects

BELAIR project sheet
BELAIR Final report

Report templates for Dissemination and support contracts

Final report

Report templates for Shared-cost projects

Final report - Check the requirements for illustrations

Steering Committee Organisation

Guidelines Confidentiality agreement
Report template  


For research institutes requesting reimbursement costs for the organisation of a Steering Committee, please send your invoice and supporting documents directly to invoice @
For meeting organiser or expert reimbursement, please fill out the online form:  STEREO REIMBURSEMENT FORM

General information

Evaluation STEREO III programme Guidelines for PhD scholarship
International project partners  


Joost Vandenabeele: Tel: +32 (0)2 238 35 23
Jean-Christophe Schyns: Tel: +32 (0)2 238 35 91