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KULeuven - Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES)

STEREO presentation(s) & publication(s):

GARMON: The Garden Monitor (2020)

URBANEARS - Urban Ecosystem Analysis supported by Remote Sensing (2019)

INPLANT - Plant optical traits to characterize herbaceous communities and understand invasion impacts (2019)

Lumos & UrbanEars (2018)

U-TURN: Understanding Turning Points in Dryland Ecosystem Functioning (2018)

GARMON The Garde Monitor-mapping and characterizing gardens using remote sensing (2018)

LUMOS: Unlocking STEREO’s algorithms with QGIS plugins (2016)

INPLANT: Plant optical types to predict ecosystem impacts of plant invasions (2016)

URBANEARS: Urban ecosystem analysis supported by remote sensing (2016)

DIARS: Mapping, modelling and assessing the impact of invasive plant species on ecosystems through remote sensing (2016)

HYPERTEMP: Multitemporal monitoring of fruit orchard vitality with multisensor Belair data (2016)

BELAIR - Litora: Coast and Biodiversity (2016)

The Game Changer for Biodiversity (2016)

ESSENSE: Assessing patterns in biodiversity and regulating ecosystem services using imaging spectroscopy (2014)

STEREO Toolbox (BEODay 2014) (2014)

Biodiversity Patterns Along a Climate Gradient in Panama (REMEDY) (2013)

VEGEMIX-Remote Mapping of Invasive Tree Species in Hawaiian Rainforests: Demonstrating the Potential of Hyperspectral Time Series (2013)

ESSENSE - Mapping regulating Ecosystem Services using remote SENSing imagEry (2012)

ANAGHLIA - Integrated processing and ground truthing of hyperspectral and LiDAR images in Archaeology (2012)

VEGEMIX: Multi-temporal unmixing of mixed vegetation systems (2011)